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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yarnchick meets Yarn Harlot!!!!

Sandi soooooooo awesomely invited me to go with her to see The Yarn Harlot last night in Carmel! I OF COURSE.......said YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!

We left right after school and got there at 5. We were in the first seating group! We were so excited!

We bought the books and got our seats.

We sat and patiently waited.......

It was so exciting to see all the people there. Knitters! People who loved yarn as much as the YARNCHICK!!!

But....I must admit to the ummmm...3 people who read this...I felt so intimidated in this group. They were knitting socks. Fancy socks. They were knitting shawls. Fancy shawls. In my bag I had a .....ballband dishcloth and a crocheted thong I was working on. There was no way I was pulling those things out! lol

Sandi, of course, knit and knit, and knit. She actually finished her sock while we were there!

It was weird. I knit at the playground. I knit at the laundry mat...but there with all those fellow yarn obsessed people...I did absolutely nothing!

It was great when she got there. She is so funny! We were all having a good time!

It was so amazing to meet her!!! Wish I could thought of something good to say...I said..Hi! My name is Amy! hehehe

Awesome night! Sandi!!!! Thanks again!!!!!


Lost Lishy said...

Sounds like you had a good time. :)

spud's bud said...

Homemade thongs hum......I might need to try knitting now.They never make pretty underwear in my size lol. An even if they did it would be just wrong.