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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fabulous and Fingerless

Isn't it freakin cute????????

I know it's not winter anymore, but I just had to make these.

Took less than two hours to knit them up!

Gonna make bunches for Christmas!

Already got another one on the needles.

Someone shut me up about them....

NO! I just did it for you! haha


Andey Layne said...

Adorable. What's the pattern? I want some. I'm gonna make a black pair and put a skull on them. What do you think?
Oh- I'm thinking about making an A+ apple dishcloth for Barb. (From the dishcloth KAL) Do you think she'd like it? And what color should I use?

Andey Layne said...

Oh crap. She doesn't read your blog, does she?

Andey Layne said...

George says, "Hey, why is Ms. G- doing that? Is she wearing gloves?"