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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Kitchen Update

I updated the kitchen with some handmades. Yes! They are pink! The Man has his own kitchen at his house so I can enjoy the Pink in mine! LOL

Of course I had to crochet and knit some dishcloths!

The Brat and I spent a Saturday afternoon painting pictures. I think the big one is kinda lame looking! And I can say that because I painted it! I am thinking about either redoing it or ditching it for a new one

The Brat did great on hers.

A crocheted rug, holding two strands of cotton together. I love it!


Lisa Bense said...

pretty rug i realy like it.

Lisa Bense said...

pretty rug i realy like it.

WookWitch said...

That rug is awsome! As for your painting...I think yarn should remain your artistic medium of choice. :-)