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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gobble-ey Gook

On Saturday Butterfly called and asked if I wanted to come and knit with her and her friend. Had a great time! Thanks girls for inviting me! I just love having friends who love yarn as much as me!

The Yarn Chicks got together on Monday night. I worked on some slippers. Dee worked on our buddy ponchos. Sassy worked on a pillow and a baby hat. Miz Suzie even came, we were all glad to see her. She worked on her ribbon scarf and taught Dee's daughter to knit. It was a fun night!

Hope everyone who reads this has a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I will be spending most of the day with the "un-laws". I found a fun new easy crochet dishcloth pattern and will be taking the sugar and cream with me to get some finished for Christmas gifts. They are supposed to take an hour to make one. Let's see how many I can get done tomorrow while everyone else sleeps off their meal.

And lastly on a sad note:

Tomorrow , Thanksgiving, is my best friend's birthday. She took her life 4 years ago. I still greatly miss her. I also miss the innocence of my life before this happened. I will never be the same.


ButterflyLane said...


So how did the dishcloth making go?

julie said...

I had fun playing Hand and Foot last night with you and the wanna be american idol! ;o)