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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Work Area

My sister , The Gadgeteer, had a cool thing on her site where she wanted others to send in pictures of their work areas. Well, I thought no one wants to see a picture of my frumpy bed where I do most of my knitting, crocheting, and reading. So I took a picture of my desk where I spend every free moment away from my other obsessions.

From left to right in the picture:

I have a giant paper clip of various notes. Notes on books, crafts, friends emails, etc. In this stack is also the TLU notebook of the many thousands of books I've yet to buy or read.

The next stack is some sticky notes,my knitting notebook, my journal, and my pda. On top is a koosh ball to fiddle with when I am waiting for something to download or print.

Then there's a basket with giant pins in it and a Golden Ticket postcard.

Then there's a stack of mini notebooks with an adorable little pink pig on top. I think
I got it at Bob Evan's. In front of them is a mini brick that a kindergartener gave me several years ago.

Then there's my Chicken Dance Elmo which The Man gave me a couple of Easter's ago. In front is some bolts on a magnet base to make little sculptures.

Then there's a giant clothespin and a basket of big paperclips. In front is 20Q. What a fun game!

A basket of sticky notes on a little rug my Brat made me when she was in the second grade. In front of this is my name in wood that I've had since I was a little girl.

And last but not least ...the best thing on my desk. My Fujitsu notebook! My sis gave it to me a couple of years ago. Love, love, love it!!!

So there I've rambled on and you are probably snoring, but now you know where I like to hang out.


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And you say that I don't post often enough. Hmph.
You're going to have to come over and visit me one of these days so we can have a mini stitch-n-bitch.