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Monday, September 04, 2006

Hard Labor on Labor Day!

No! I'm not having a baby! Just working REALLY HARD on this supposed to be lazy and relaxed 3 day weekend.

I have until Thursday night to finish the "book club" blanket for our preggo friend.

I , of course, have been procrastinating for months to sew all our knitted and crocheted squares together. Remind me why I suggested this project in the first place????????

Oh, it's coming to me now, I remember..... We picked The Shop on Blossom Street for our book club read, it's about knitting,I tought a few people in the group to knit and crochet, we started a yarn chick group on the side, we decided to all make squares for a blanket for charity, then we decided to make the first blanket for expecting friend, people started loading me up with the squares, and then here we end up back here in my world of procrastination.

So after staying home most of the weekend working my fingers to the nubs....THE BLANKET IS FINISHED!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I can rest now.....oops......remembered now I have to finish the orange and white blanky that I'm making for her baby shower that's........next Thursday!

UGH! Deadlines!

I will post pictures after the camera batteries charge.


ButterflyLane said...

C'mon, haven't the batteries charged yet?

Oh, and I got the kitty buttons at Wal-Mart.

WookWitch said...

I want to see the pictures!