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Sunday, August 06, 2006

In Honor Of "Lola"

"Lola" returned from Texas for a visit. It was so good to see an "old" friend. We had a Yarn Chick meeting and made her the guest of honor. We gabbed, knitted, crocheted, ATE, of course, and had a really good time.
This picture is of Caroline and "Lola". My picture of me and "Lola" was hideous! Man! I need a serious make-over!
"Lola" went back to Texas today. "Lola"! Your visit was toooooooooooooo short. I miss you again already, my friend! =(


ButterflyLane said...

Ha! I found you! (And I recognize a few of these faces, too!)
Love the dishcloths- I have GOT to get my hands on the Mason-Dixon book.

WookWitch said...

OHHHH! What a hideous picture of Lola! Oops! That's me! Why didn't you tell me! Good picture of my twin sister there! :-)

Who is butterflylane? Do I know them?

We're having fun with strep this week! Ugh!